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About Us

About Us

Student learning and positive social development are the focus areas at Zamora Elementary School. Our campus located in Woodland, California serves approximately 450 kindergarten through sixth grade students. We also offer special education support for specific needs. Staff and parents are united in the belief that our responsibility is to support the child’s academic, social, and emotional development. We expect students to develop responsibility for their learning, with active guidance from parents. Cooperation between school and family has developed a strong sense of community. The teachers challenge their students to be problem solvers and thinkers by providing interesting, creative, and challenging lessons that focus on common core standards. Having active parent participation throughout the grades helps to reinforce to the children that parents are our most important partners in education. We encourage all Zamora Elementary parents to join our PTA to make a positive impact for all of our Zoonies.

State Dashboard Report

CLICK HERE to access the California State Dashboard Report.

2022 School Plan

CLICK HERE to read the School Plan for Student Achievement.