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District Wide Broadcast Message

Students can pick-up their belongings the week of June 1st. Your teacher will provide a schedule for you.
Important Updates

I hope this message finds everyone doing well.  I wanted to check in with everyone and give you a few updates as to our end of the year procedures. 
First, the distance learning portion of the school year is set to end on Friday, May 29th.  That will be the last day students will be working on their weekly electronic learning grids.  However - they will continue to meet with their classroom teachers on Google Hangouts through the final week of school which will be June 1-5. 
Second, beginning the week of June 1st - the teachers will be ready to hand out to each student (with a schedule that we will provide) any of the student's personal items that were left along with unused portions of workbooks, final report cards, student work, and 6th-grade promotion certificates. As mentioned - your classroom teacher will be reaching out to you with a scheduled time for you to pick up these items. Please note:  Chromebooks are to remain at home with the students over the summer break,  This includes our 6th-grade students moving on to 7th grade - keep your chrome books.  If you are planning on moving out of the district or to a private school - then we would need you to bring your Chromebook and charger with you to drop off during your scheduled pick-up time.  
I wanted to outline the expectations during the scheduled pick up times:
1.  Our schedule will work much like our parent conference weeks when we have families slotted for a specific time - you will have a ten-minute window to be in your child's classroom to pick up the times mentioned above.  Please note that most of these items will be bagged and ready to go for you.  
2.  In order to come on campus, the following must be adhered to:  Only one adult may accompany the child into the classroom.  Both the child and adult must be wearing a face mask.  The six feet apart standard will need to be adhered to - sorry, no hugging your teachers.  The child may come without an adult - but a face mask still must be worn.  Only the child that is enrolled in the class may enter the classroom - no siblings and such may enter.  
3.  We have scheduled families with more than one child to be on campus at one time with back to back appointments to avoid having to return to campus multiple times.
4. We can not adjust our schedule that we will provide to you - please do the best that you can to make the time that is provided - or have another family pick your items up for you.  Those specifics can be worked out with each individual classroom teacher.  
5.  Your classroom teacher will be contacting you with your scheduled pick up times this week.  
6.  Our office will be closed during this time - please limit your contact with others while entering and exiting the campus and again, adhere to the social distancing guidelines of staying 6 feet apart and wearing a face mask at all times. 
7. We are asking that if your child has a library book or musical instrument that belongs to the school at home to please bring it with them during the pick-up times so we can get those times checked back in. 
I really had hoped for a more personal ending to our school year but in order for us all to remain safe and healthy we need to wrap up our year in the safest way possible.  I will be continuing to communicate with you through the end of the school year with any updates and such.  Additionally - I will be communicating throughout the summer with information regarding the beginning of our school year activities and schedules.  
Miss you all so very much - Dr. WIlson

School Closure Information
Kid Fitness
CLICK HERE to try Mr. Bodine's Fitness Challenge!!  Good luck!!  Zamora teachers are cheering you on from the sidelines!!
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Technology Support

Technology Problems?  You can call the number below, or you can fill out the online form.  Please note that WJUSD can only offer tech support for our school distributed technology . . . not personal technology.
(530)-723-6181  (English)
(530)-723-6302  (Spanish)
CLICK HERE to send a digital request.
Hotspots for internet access will be distributed soon.  Stay tuned for the pick-up date and location.
*If you have an older child that has a WJUSD hotspot, but now you have more than one child needing WJUSD access, please bring your current hotspot so you can trade it in for a more powerful one.
Hotspots will be provided for free and reduced lunch students.  We understand that financial situations may have changed for some families in the past month.  With that in mind, we encourage you to apply / reapply to see if you qualify.
CLICK HERE to be linked to the application process.
If you do not qualify for free and reduced lunch, WJUSD has compiled a list of resources to help families find alternatives for internet connection.
CLICK HERE to see internet connection alternatives.

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